And it did.  It really, truly did.

This past weekend I worked as a part of one of Savannah’s Rebuilding Together teams.  We helped repair, modify and rebuild the home of a low-income homeowner on the west-side of town.

I did an awful lot of complaining leading up to the event.  Not because I didn’t want to do the project, because in my heart I truly did.  I thrive on helping others, I love to be there to lend support…a listening ear…a kind word.  I complained because of fear.  I feared that I wouldn’t offer enough.  I feared that somehow, some way my involvement in the project would ultimately fall short.

I had no faith.

Two weeks ago I placed a sign up sheet at work and sent out an email.  “Please sign up for the volunteer day.”  I waited and every time I walked by the front desk I’d find it empty.  And every time I found it empty that ball of stress in my stomach grew a little tighter and a little bigger.

But one day one of our salespeople came upstairs and told me that she and her husband wanted to be of assistance.  And then another one followed.  And soon enough a number of people signed up.

To tell these people thank you would simply  not be enough.  They took time out of their schedule and gave of themselves.  And the proof was in those words:  “It looks like my house is smiling.”

The homeowner was so happy and so proud that her home was coated with fresh paint, outfitted with new ceiling fans and faucets…a new toilet and a brand new front door.  Of the last few years that moment certainly ranks up there as one of my proudest.

Over the last year I’ve seen my share of dark moments and I’ve seen my share of light.  I’ve always found it easy to insulate myself away…keep myself from being touched and from touching anyone.  It’s so easy to hide behind our walls and our weekends…but doing that doesn’t allow us to make a difference in anyone’s lives.

I’m happy that this weekend, I had the opportunity to serve someone’s interests other than my own.

rebuilding together house

The house after we’d mostly finished.